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MDI’s 2015 Year End Party and preparation for the 15th Year Celebration

04/01/2016 | 14:26
On Dec 26th 2015, the MDI ‘s 2015 Year End party is held ceremonially in the warm and joyful atmosphere of the coming 2016 spring. Participating in the ceremony are Mr. Tran Binh An - the company’s President, the company Board of Director as well as all the MDI’s staff

The Party is excitedly opened  by the MDI Hanoi staff’s performance of the song “Diep khuc mua xuan”

The party is celebrated very warmly and memorable

Mr. Tran Binh An announces the company performance in 2015 and the development target of 15% for the year 2016

Flashback of a successful year

Despite so many difficulties and challenges, MDI keeps developing stably and strongly in 2015 thanks to the continuous effort of the Director Board as well as the company’s staff to achieve the business missions.

2015 also records the active performance of the MDI Union’s Charity Foundation with numerous of meaningful activities such as the operation for free meals  at the National Blood hospital and the donation for the Duc Son pagoda, where raises hundreds of orphans and unfortunate children for the past 20 years.

The Ceremony also acknowledges the good performance of the best staff of 2015, who play very important roles in the company’s achievement.

Awards for the 2015 Best Staff

The mini gameshow heats up the party

Let’s farewell the old year and welcome the new 2016 – The Year of Monkey - with lots of happiness, health and success. Happy New Year!

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